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Publicado em: 13/11/2014
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Resultado Edital FAPERJ Nº 34/2014 - Programa “Pensa Rio – Apoio ao Estudo de Temas Relevantes e Estratégicos para o Estado do Rio de Janeiro – 2014”





Titulo projeto

Adriane Regina Todeschini


Glycosylation and energy metabolism: a new approach to prospecting targets for diagnosis and therapy of cancer

Alberto Claudio Habert


Innovative process for advanced oil recovery: dynamic formulation of injection water by nanofiltration”

Alexey Maylybaev


Advanced methods in the exploration of pre-salt in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Ana Tereza Ribeiro de Vasconcelos


Applied genomics in the fishery Resources and aquaculture of the state of Rio de Janeiro - GARPA-RIO

Andrea Brito Latge


Nanostructure Systems: electronic structure, transport, and spin phenomena

Angelo da Cunha Pinto


the chemistry of quinines in Rio de Janeiro: from tradition to leadership in Brazil

Antonio Carlos Campos de Carvalho


Electrophysiological, genetic, biochemical and histological characterization of induced pluripotent stem cells obtained from patients with neural, cardiac and renal diseases: Investigating the cellular and molecular changes in the pathway from pluripotency to “in vitro” differentiation to decipher physiopathological mechanisms

Antonio Egidio Nardi


Biochemical abnormalities of schizophrenia Intervention study with control group and development of an animal model

Antonio Tadeu dos Reis


Sedimentary, environmental and climatic evolution of Sepetiba Bay area (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil) during the last 20 kyr: an integrated stratigraphic study from the fluvial plain to the inner continental shelf.

Carlos Jorge Logullo de Oliveira


Intersections of frontiers between embryogenesis and the energetic metabolism in arthropods as alternatives for the development of control strategies

Claudio Lenz Cesar


Laser Spectroscopy of Anti-atoms and Atoms: fundamental tests of Physics and Metrology

Debora Foguel


Chronic-degenerative diseases and cancer

Dilson Silva dos Santos


Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Properties of Metallic
Alloys Submitted to Extreme Conditions

Eduardo de Albuquerque Brocchi


Synthesis and characterization of ceramic materials, composites and nanostructured thin-films

Elisa Maria Baggio Saitovitch


Study of Advanced Materials: from strong correlations
to nanostructures and their hybrids

Fabio Ceneviva Lacerda Almeida


NMR-Rio—Structural  biology   network:  structure,  dynamics  and  function of proteins  of biological  and  biotechnological interest. Prospection of  new  biologically  active  compounds

Goncalo Apolinario de Souza Filho


Integrative Plant Biology Applied to Crop
Breeding in the State of Rio de Janeiro

Heitor Siffert Pereira de Souza


Investigation of pathogenic mechanisms and new approaches for diagnosis, follow up and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer

Jean Pierre von der Weid


Optical coherence tomography in the detection of precursor cancer lesions in the uterine colon

Joao Paulo de Biaso Viola


Study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the tumor microenvironment modulation: Identification of potential biomarkers in head and neck cancer

Joao Paulo Sinnecker


Magnetic multifunctional materials

Joel Christopher Creed


Research, technological development  and innovation to solve the problem of the  invasive sun coral Rio de Janeiro State

Jose Mauro Granjeiro


Translational  study  of  nanomaterials  for  Health: Assessment  of  validated  toxicological  tests  to  the national regulatory sector

Lucia Helena Cunha dos Anjos


Reference Areas for Environmental Research in the Atlantic Forest
Biome in the National Park of Itatiaia

Lucia Mendonca Previato


Virulence factors in intracellular microorganisms. Studies on glycobiology, immunobiology, diagnosis and chemotherapy

Luis Ghivelder


New materials for magnetic refrigeration:
(nano)composites development and computational simulations

Luiz Davidovich


Quantum physics for communicaon, computa2on and metrology

Marcelo Torres Bozza


Characterization of therapeutic  targets and protocols in experimental models of infectious diseases

Marcio Alves Ferreira


Prospection of genes and functional genomics for increasing stress tolerance in plants

Marco Aurelio Martins


Translating optimized mexiletine analogues into the clinic  as therapy for inflammatory pulmonary diseases: nanoparticles containing agent with dual anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic actions

Maria Auxiliadora Coelho Kaplan


Phytochemistry and sustainable extraction processes

Mario Alberto Cardoso da Silva Neto


Functional genomics in  Aedes aegypti:  searching  for new targets to  block  hematophagic capacitation and Dengue transmission. 

Milton Ozorio Moraes


Genomics to unveil novel biomarkers and therapeutics targets in mycobacterial diseases

Monica da Costa Pereira Lavalle Heilbron


South atlantic geodynamics in the Gondwana setting: implications for oil and gas exploration in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Monica Roberto Gadelha


MicroRNAs as biomarkers of tumor aggressiveness in somatotropinomas

Nei Pereira Junior


Second generation ethanol production from solid residues through a hybrid technology

Otto Correa Rotunno Filho


Eibex – environmentally integrated basin experiments: mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro

Patricia Lustoza de Souza


Strategic optoelectronic nanodevices based on III-V semiconductors

Paulo Antonio de Souza Mourao


Translational glycobiology

Pedro Lagerblad de Oliveira


Effects of blood meal on metabolism, reproduction and vector competence of R. prolixus: a study using large-scale gene silencing.

Rafael Linden


Physiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system: rationale for the development of new therapeutic approaches

Renato Crespo Pereira


Ecology, bioprospection and conservation: Integrating different analytical scales from a new reef biome on the continental shelf off Rio de Janeiro (Ecobiotec-Mar)

Richard Magdalena Stephan


Operational readiness of the urban transportation vehicle Maglev-Cobra

Roberto Lent


Mapping, modifying and creating brain circuits: a translational approach for studying the human brain

Roberto Meigikos dos Anjos


Impacts of climate change and unsustainable practices and its effects on soil and water resources in the vulnerable ecosystems of Rio de Janeiro

Robson Coutinho Silva


Strategies for modulating the immune response and vaccination against leishmania spp.: cellular and molecular mechanisms

Rosangela Alves Pereira


Obesity prevention and healthy eating promotingin areas with high prevalence of food insecurity in adolescents: acting on food literacy and psychosocial factors

Romildo Dias Toledo Filho


The use of alternative and sustainable materials in the construction industry

Russolina Benedeta Zingali


Animal venoms: innovations in the identification of proteins with biotechnological potential and improvement of hyperimmune sera

Sergio Teixeira Ferreira


Alzheimer’s disease, neuroinflammation and its connections with depression and diabetes

Su Jian


Computational and experimental study of thermal-hydraulics of nuclear reactors and radionuclides transport

Ulysses Garcia Casado Lins


The rare biosphere and its importance in environmental microbiology, biotechnology and medical microbiology: characterization of low-abundance microorganisms in the environment and its relevance to Humankind

Vivaldo Moura Neto


MicroRNAs disrupt Sonic Hedgehog pathway and interfere with cell proliferation Might miRNAs/SHH be a binomial for differential diagnostic between low- and high-grade tumors ?

Wanderley de Souza


Investigation  of  the interaction  between pathogenic  eukaryotic microorganisms  and  host cells and  the development of new  alternatives for  the  treatment of parasitic diseases   based  on previously identified drug targets

Wilson Savino


Immune  response in Chagas disease transmitted through the oral route


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